BLACKOUT is run to the latest, strictest hygiene standards available.

We use 100% sterile single use tubes and needles for each individual customer. All of which are then disposed of after each session. We therefore have the cleanest possible working area and also remove all possible cross contamination problems caused by the traditional "scrub room" (area of a tattoo shop used to clean and sterilize reusable equipment).

Every surface is disinfected and covered with an impermeable layer, all other secondary equipment used is also single use. We repeat this process for each and every session. Thus making the whole of the studio, from the front door to any surface in the studio cleaner than your doctor's office.

It's very important to have proper equipment at a shop but knowing how to use it and respecting the basic laws of counter cross contamination is, in our opinion, as important. 
Using solely disposable equipment is in fact the cleanest way possible to run a studio. Being germaphobes has inevitably pushed us in this direction.

We take our hygiene very seriously here. "Why?" you ask... I'll say it again.... Germaphobes!!
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